Corporate Responsibility

Taking care of our customers is of great importance to us – and so is taking care of the communities we serve. Our commitment to being a good corporate citizen extends far back in our history. In 1948, we were the first bank in the United States to establish a charitable foundation.

Today, we remain firmly committed to serving our customers, employees, and shareholders by investing our financial and human resources to help make the environment cleaner and our communities stronger.

We accomplish this through the initiatives that make up our wide-ranging Financial Literacy, Youth Education, Community Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Environmental Stewardship programs, all of which have a positive impact on the community.

Some recent community contributions include:

  • Giving more than $8 million to United Way in 2013
  • Educating more than 9,000 elementary school students since 2004 who graduated from our Young Bankers Club, where they learned basic financial knowledge
  • Investing $282 million in revitalization projects through our Community Development Corporation in 2013
  • Saving millions of dollars in energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint by 36,000 metric tons or 22 percent relative to 2007 emissions through our Strategic Energy Plan
  • Employing individuals with disabilities in challenging and rewarding jobs on an ongoing basis through Project SEARCH

For more information, please read our complete Corporate Social Responsibility Report.