Commercial Leadership Program

The Commercial Leadership Program provides a hands-on, rotation-based learning experience where individuals are exposed to various departments within the Wholesale Bank. The goal is for the individual to become familiar with the business practices, operations, and procedures during the department rotation, acquiring the knowledge, skills and experience required for a role within the Wholesale Bank. The Wholesale Bank at Fifth Third provides products and services to the corporate customers. Wholesale officers develop relationships with our corporate clients to understand their business and partner with them to provide solutions to meet their business needs and challenges.

The Commercial Leadership Program internship is a 10-week summer experience in one of the Wholesale departments. Interns will be given an assignment similar to a CAP rotation, but scaled appropriately for the internship. Interns work closely with leaders on key initiatives with the support of an assignment leader and peer advisor. Interns will deliver a presentation to Wholesale leadership at the conclusion of the internship.