Corporate Governance

"Effective corporate governance and oversight are important keys to a company's success. Fifth Third has long been known for its commitment to accountability at every level of its organization. This holds true for our corporate governance and oversight functions as well. Through our corporate governance initiatives and our continuing oversight and evaluation, we are working hard to continually earn and keep your trust and confidence."

- James P. Hackett
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Fifth Third Bancorp has many important assets, but the most valuable is our reputation for integrity. We are judged by our conduct, and we must act in a manner that merits public trust and confidence.

Fifth Third Bancorp's Corporate Governance Guidelines, along with Fifth Third's Articles of Incorporation, Code of Regulations, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, charters of the various committees of the Board, and our other governance policies and procedures provide the foundation for our governance and help ensure that we retain our integrity and merit public trust and confidence.

Fifth Third Bancorp Board of Directors

From left to right:

  • First Row
  • Darryl F. Allen
  • Nicholas K. Akins
  • William M. Isaac
  • Kevin T. Kabat
  • Marsha C. Williams
  • James P. Hackett
  • Mitchel D. Livingston, Ph.D.
  • Second Row
  • Gary R. Heminger
  • John J. Schiff, Jr.
  • Third Row
  • Michael B. McCallister
  • Jewell D. Hoover
  • Fourth Row
  • B. Evan Bayh III
  • Fifth Row
  • Hendrik G. Meijer
  • Sixth Row
  • Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr.
  • Seventh Row
  • Emerson L. Brumback

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