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The year 2011 was a challenging one for many of the people and communities we serve. As members of those communities, we appreciate and understand how difficult the slow economic recovery has been on our neighbors and friends. It’s precisely because we live, work and play there, too, that we worked so diligently to make a difference by dispatching our human and financial resources to the places that needed them most.

That said, we know there’s much work still to do. At the publication of this report in May 2012, our 2012 efforts to strengthen communities are well underway. We are eager to hear from you if you have ideas about ways we can do more. We are listening.

This year we are embarking on a new, holistic approach to community development. Because we’re not satisfied with simply making investments and loans within communities, we have launched the 5-3 Impact Initiative that will provide a systematic approach to explore each significant investment we make in every market. The goal of 5-3 Impact is to more broadly respond to community needs thereby producing higher community benefits. Financial empowerment, revitalization projects, philanthropy and volunteerism can be more impactful when we fully explore the areas of need and address them comprehensively.

We are seeking community and business partners to assist us in this effort to put our money, our human capital and our passions to work to produce higher community benefits. Please contact our local affiliate CRA offices listed at www.53.com under “About Fifth Third.”